Dorothy Perkins - Kardashian collection

Shimmer Wall Store Front

One of the highlights of this project was the giant shimmer wall installed over the glass frontage of the Westfield White City store.

Westfield store cladding

Frame layout

By exploiting the expansion gaps between the 12mm toughened glass panels, it was possible to design a frame with custom fixings that could be safely and accurately attached in the required locations.

White City store front

Free-standing Ks

Tier one stores received a pair of Free-standing Ks.

Kardashian shimmering K

Robust design

Full component drawings were available for production. They detailed the sturdy construction required for the units.

K assembly drawing 2

Mannequin Plinths

This eye-catching plinth concept was an important part of the scheme.

Plinth concept design

True to concept

As ever it was crucial that the finished article should be true to the design concept.

Plinth technical drawing

In store

The finished articles were every bit as striking as the original proposal.

Finished plinths