Shared dream karaoke

A Saturday day night get together from the year 2200

In order to cast far into the human futures, we first cast far back into our pasts. This lead us to consider the role of communal singing in the shaping and strengthen of connections. From there we asked how future connections between friends residing on different planets might be enhanced. 

A high level speculative design proposition.

A group project on the subject of ‘enhancing the human’, using a the time frame of 180 Years. Part of the RCA’s annual Grand Challenge.

Speculative design | far futures | back casting | connection | interplanetary




Maslow’s pyramid of needs highlights widely accepted prioritised requirements for humans to feel good about themselves. At the top of the pile stands self-fulfillment. Our ancestors sought this, we search for it, future generations will also want to obtain it. 


Although still a luxury for many today, food, shelter and safety are not sufficient. We need friendships, confidence, social acceptance and fun in our lives to ground ourselves in our own place in time.  

Social singing

Throughout history social singing has played a significant role in the creating and cementing of bonds within human groups. It is used at times of stress and also celebration, it fulfills this role now and will continue to do so far into the future.